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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

PPC is the code name for Pay Per Click which is a form of marketing when done correctly that creates a series of funnels for your business through interesting leads and paying for bids.

Let's make the best online version of your business

You can also describe it as...

you should run ads for many reasons

people are on the internet more than on television you want to understand who your audience is and then send them your message.

Your product will be highlighted over others regardless of reputation or popularity.

Big companies are taking a slow transition to digital marketing which is allowing small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow from the low price to run advertisements on various networks reaching more people.

What are our components for PPC?

Social Media Management




How much should you spend on ads?

Every case is different but we recommend that you must look at your budget first then get a good understanding of your target audience. once this is completed you should look at the different social networks that run ads like Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon.

We recommend starting with an investment of $1000 minimum a month to your advertisements. Why? well, we have noticed that you only see profitable results through higher investments and getting more people to click on engaging keywords. Companies with higher budgets should definitely invest 15% or more of their company profit on ads because it will increase their popularity and growth exponentially. Companies with budgets that allow them to do more than $2000 should find a marketer because of the research behind keywords and building a digital reputation.

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