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Virtago Digital Business Solutions

Updated: Feb 4, 2021


We want to help shape our world by encouraging good through business and technology.


Our amazing company was created by our CEO Carlos Granera. Carlos grew up in the Bronx and moved to Albany to further his studies. At a young age, Carlos was a supervisor for a daycare center and began managing sales and marketing for other businesses. "I created Virtago after noticing that technology is dividing our communities and creating a barrier for success and communications. I also noticed how hard it is for businesses to manage their daily operations, their high-quality product, and low-risk high-value investments. I want to help the dreams of others come to life by allowing them to focus on their strengths as I work on mine. All businesses deserve to succeed and with my problem-solving skills I will help drive traffic in various ways." This way of thinking others has aspired to an inspirational team that wants to help our world. As our company continues to help clients we believe that we are getting a step closer to our goal.


Big companies are starting to use digital marketing, tech companies are the first to join the wagon. It’s a matter of time until the fortune 500 takes over this form of marketing and it becomes too expensive for the average business owner to afford. This investment must begin with openness to understand some digital marketing. The business continues to evolve before a physicals store just needed a billboard or newspaper placement for traction. this has evolved in where the store is your website and marketing has come in different ways. you can tailor your marketing to a specific niche and this will grow your business instantly and exponentially every year.

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