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What they don't share about SEO!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine optimization can be explained in various ways, we like to think about it in terms of the culture of a website, SEO comprises modifications of a website that intentionally attracts traffic from applicable google searches. SEO when utilized appropriately can be the resource that can provide the breakthrough many businesses have been longing for.

What increases SEO?

Google has an algorithm that is constantly changing daily meanwhile gathering the most relevant information that associates with search terms used in our everyday lives. In addition to having relevant information Google has other preferences when choosing the top results. Google prefers websites with quicker load times, consistent color scheme, font minimization, etc. The better you align your brand to meet your clients’ interests on Google, the greater your website will rank.

SEO is a determining factor of your business success in the digital world. As the internet grows daily it becomes difficult for search engines to funnel your business to clients. Clients who already do business with you or know your business name or URL will find you without a problem. Getting organic clients and traffic is what relieves your business in the future from exhaustive SEO studying. Building a long-lasting presence on search engines will bring higher results and an endless customer database. It is an important investment for your business to start making a budget for SEO if you want to survive through the digital revolution. Online businesses will advance at rapid rates as brick-and-mortar stores continue to see a decline in sales because of the lack of adaptive technology.

Studying the field of SEO has shown us the unbalance between small businesses and big businesses. SEO is a service that requires dedicated time to analyzing a market and formulating clever keyword strategies for all digital media. The disbalance of capital makes it so that small businesses don’t develop their SEO. This information drove us to help all businesses establish a digital presence. The faster businesses work on their digital presence the better they’ll adapt to change. Fighting for the top two ranks on a search engine is only getting more competitive. This will get worst as Voice assistants like Google Home, Microsoft Crotona, Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri become more common. These systems will guide consumers with answers on what products or services to choose with a simple phrase. For example; You get hungry for dinner, You say “Hey Siri, order the BEST PIZZA AROUND ME”. Siri would order the pizza that’s highest-ranked on google in your area. This is unfair if the pizza that gets delivered isn’t the best quality, but is a franchise or owned by someone who took marketing seriously. This use of the voice assistant is going to change the day-to-day operation of the business. Will your business be the answer given by voice assistants? If not, stay relevant by investing and learning about marketing to establish a long-lasting presence.

What is an SEO Specialist?

An SEO Specialist is a dedicated professional on Search Engine Optimization. An SEO specialist has the task to stay updated with the daily changes made by competitors or the search engine. The SEO specialist has to be experienced when selecting and using keywords to represent your business. Let’s be real when you search for something on google most likely you only click on the top 2 results. Getting on the first page of a search engine is time-consuming, it requires consistency and close research. This has become a popular position, especially for younger marketers.

When should a business start to use SEO?

NOW, every business should be using some sort of SEO. Running a business without SEO is like paying your customers to leave the store. Every business has a different budget to spend on marketing and advertising. The right marketing team will focus on the area that will give the most dynamic change for your business digital growth. Virtago Digital Business Solutions LLC wants to help every business which is why we provide as much information for free. Businesses who want to focus solely on their profession or want top-quality experienced solutions would pick Virtago as their trusted partners.

What are the different levels of SEO based on Budget?

Startups or companies who haven’t been engaged digitally should start immediately, as digital media also values seniority. These companies should focus on building an audience through social media accounts or a website. Creating an account anywhere in the digital world will start forming a connection to your business. This connection of pictures or words will formulate an image of your business to the audience. The more connections your business has to the digital world the better it explains its value to future clients. Every business operates differently so it’s hard to give advice as to which social media to start with or if you should start email marketing before anything. When creating an account assure that your company name is being used and that the most important words or phrases associated with your business are used. For example Virtago/ Digital Marketing or Virtago / Business Solutions

Companies with a budget of up to 15,000 a year should get involved with SEO in different ways. First, this business should invest in Social Media accounts to gain a reputation for trust and credibility. A Website that is a digital representation of the owner’s vision or physical business. This website should focus on covering extra features for SEO like HTML coded meta tags and meta descriptions. Websites should have a fast load time for mobile and desktop users. Load time is affected by the number of videos or images on a website. All pictures or videos should have a description or link which is an Alt text image. We recommend sticking to a max of 2 fonts. Businesses with higher budgets for SEO will rank higher and get more traffic for their brand.

Virtago's SEO wisdom
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