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How to start your Marketing Strategy?

Organic-Growth Marketing

  • Gaining clients for your business without having to pay for short-term advertisement.

  • Organic marketing is like having a brick and mortar store and waiting for new customers to walk in, it's the process of establishing a presence that would be recognized by those in need of your product. 

  • It takes a long time to drive consistent organic growth which requires time and dedication.  

  • Organic growth has a longer presence when established

Paid Marketing 

  • Paying for customers who are already in the market for a similar product or service

  • faster growth

  • High ROI 

  • limited to the amount spent, time restriction, and knowledge on current market trends.  


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Logo Design

Give your company an identity! A well-designed logo captures strong first impressions and communicates who you are and what you offer at a glance. Which color schemes best suits your company? What brand personality do you want to portray to the public? What brands do your customers like? These are critical questions to think about when designing a logo and strive for a difference.


Web Design


Can’t have a brand reputation without a proper brand established. Business cards, uniforms, custom headers, website, and mission statement are all important elements that shape your brand. Competition in the digital world is fiercer than ever, and excellent branding can make your business stand out among others!


Social Media Marketing

Start your digital presence with social media! Take advantage of the virtual space. Social media can advertise your business to a large audience on a personal level within seconds and at the tip of your fingers for free. We recommend starting with Instagram, Linked In, or Tik Tok for a high level of customer engagement and exposure. While each business is unique, most, if not all, can benefit from the above three specifically.

Content Creation

Content creation and social media strategies are essential for the development of followers and brand reputation. Great content not only attracts potential buyers to your website but also increases customer retention rate. It is also vital that your content has a narrow yet unique focus to engage with your customers. Show your audience that you know them!


Web Design

The home to your business is your website. A well-made web design welcomes prospective customers and generates leads. Particularly, it increases conversions and enhances the overall user experience on the digital platform. Remember, keep it simple and easy for customers to navigate, maintain a visual hierarchy, and provide your great content!




Boost your clientele and Google search rank by working on Pay-Per-Click.  PPC is only active for a limited amount of time and is priced based on the industry and popularity of keywords. PPC experts target campaigns to an audience with the intention to buy. ROI is the highest when using PPC and having the necessary tools and techniques.

This is the one, the backbone of your website traffic! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely important for every business regardless of company size. Optimizing your website can rank your business higher in the search result and improve attraction, conversion, and ROI. Most importantly, SEO is not as hard as it seems. We suggest some research on the correct keywords for your business and create meaningful content and relevant links.


App Development

Bring your business to every mobile device with a creative design for all users.  Your idea will come to life with the help of our amazing team.  Mobile apps increase customer engagement, gives the owner the power to present all the business attributes and 24/7 sales.  With the ability to do 24/7 sales your app can get optimized with marketing techniques while increasing customer retention rates.


Video Advertisment 

Play your advertisement after their favorite song.  Radio is still one of the most common tools of mass-mediated content. Knowing your target audience is important to make a decision if your business needs this solution. 


Radio & Magazine publications

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.



               Restaurant /Deli                Private Clinics                                   Gym                              Flower Shops


Barbershop/Salon         Lounge / Bar                        Event Planners                    Real Estate

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